Scholarship application

To apply for admission for CONICET Scholarships, the applicant should be present at the corresponding call. The different scholarship categories comprise general requirements expressed in the General Principles of each call.

The scholarships are granted considering the priorities of each discipline, thematic area, geographical region and institutional development.

Within the period of the call, the applications that are accepted are those ones that include the proposal of a director, a research plan and workplace.

The applicants should meet the requirements of each call and start their scholarships in the date fixed by CONICET.

The evaluation process is conducted through the assesment system established by CONICET. The criterion evaluation considers the general and specific characteristics of scientific and technological activities and those ones of each area of knowledge.

After the individual evaluation, the assessment bodies of CONICET recommend the order of merit of the applicants. The scholarships are approved or denied by the Resolution of CONICET Board and have a specific duration for each type considering the objectives.

The Council publishes the list of scholarship holders of each call and communicates formally to each applicant the grant or rejection of the application.