Admission policy

How to start the career in research

The admission can be gain in any of the categories (Assistant, Associate, Independent, Principal and Senior) exclusively according to the merits and academic background of the applicant and other requirements established by CONICET.

To enter the Research Career, it is necessary to apply to the corresponding calls at the time of the year established by the Board of CONICET.

The performance of the researcher is periodically evaluated through reports. The people incorporated in the Research Career that fulfill satisfactorily their obligations and conduct positive advances in their studies according to their categories will be able to be promoted.

To advance from one category to another is possible but is not considered a must for all the people who join the Research Career. CONICET can sign contracts with Argentine and Foreign scientists as long as they do not extend more than twenty four (24) months. According to the Board’s criteria and for a period of twenty four (24) months, the Council can hire for 24 months retired researchers who can efficiently continue their studies.


Annual calls
Permanent call: repatriation of researchers
Health Research Career – Permanent call