Young researcher of the Council awarded for her study on biodegradable packaging

Nanci Ehman, who works at the ‘Materials Institute of Misiones’, received the BioResource’s 2021 Early Career Investigator award.

Nanci Ehman at the IMAM in the city of Posadas. Ph: courtesy researcher.

CONICET researcher at the ‘Materials Institute of Misiones’ (IMAM, CONICET – UNaM), Nanci Ehman, received the BioResource’s 2021 Early Career Investigator award for her development of new biodegradable packaging alternatives. 

BioResources is scientific journal of the North Carolina State University in the United States which specializes in publishing research related to the engineering of lignocellulosic materials, chemical products and their applications. Each year, the editorial committee selects the most outstanding works by young researchers. 

“This award is a very important incentive, not only on a personal level but for the entire team that I integrate at IMAM, from where we look for solutions to develop replacements that allow us to reduce the consumption of plastics globally,” Nanci Ehman says. She was a CONICET doctoral and postdoctoral fellow and was recently selected to enter the Scientific Researcher Career (CIC) and now is specializing in obtaining biodegradable materials that can be used as wrappers for different foods, made from lignocellulosic resources. 

Her research team is a pioneer in the development of different types of biomaterials that can be produced from wood. “This award gives us more visibility and we hope to continue contributing to different projects that allow us to find solutions to this global problem,” she said. 

The title of the study for which she was awarded is “Towards biodegradable barrier packaging: Production of films for single-use primary food liquid packaging” and according to the journal it will be published in its next issue.