CONICET researcher received the Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation Award

Inés Samengo was awarded the Georg Forster Research Award.

Inés Samengo. Courtesy researcher.

Every year, the Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation of Germany awards the Georg Forster Prize to researchers from developing countries who can contribute to providing solutions to some of the challenges they face. On this occasion, four female and six male scientists were awarded for their outstanding research careers, including Inés Samengo, scientist of the National Scientific and Technical Research Council (CONICET), .

Samengo is a doctor in physics and director of the Departamento de Física Médica en el Centro Atómico Bariloche (CAB), and was distinguished for her career and research on neuronal and cognitive processes.

“The application for the award must be made by German academics and I was introduced by colleagues and collaborators that I met during my postdoctoral stay in Germany, almost 20 years ago, and with whom I maintain contact to this day. Thanks to the award, the link continues and is renewed”, said Samengo. And she adds: “Beyond the direct benefit to collaborate and the financial support, the award opens doors. We scientists have to dedicate a certain amount of time to get funds to work, and when we manage to obtain them, we can devote ourselves more fully to research”.

About the prize, Samengo indicates that it will allow her research group to collaborate with German groups and that “the idea is that the research team can spend a period of up to one year abroad so that we can discuss our results with colleagues who have different perspectives, and more importantly, to explore new ideas.”

The Alexander Von Humboldt Foundation was created in 1953 in Germany and is based in the city of Bonn. Currently, there are 26,000 scientists who are part of the network  in more than 140 countries, including 51 Nobel Prize winners. Prize winners are nominated by fellow specialists in Germany and invited to establish or expand collaborations with them, and are each endowed with €60,000.