POZZO Maria isabel Rita
congresos y reuniones científicas
Foreign students as a tool for promoting intercultural learning at high school: a case study in Argentina
Congreso; 12th International Conference on Diversity in Organisations, Communities and Nations; 2012
Institución organizadora:
Knowledge Community "Diversity in Organisations, Communities and Nations"
In the present paper we focus on the attitudes that Argentinean high school teachers have towards the educational benefits of foreign students in the classroom. In this regard, we have carried out a survey in a Rosario city private school which is constantly attended by exchange students. By means of a half-structured questionnaire, we elicit how important they consider these students in their conversations with other members of the school community, the activities that have already been implemented or will be in the future, their opinions about the role of schools in the social integration of foreign students, their previous knowledge about Argentina, among other similar topics. The article concludes with some guidelines for the teachers to gain a greater command of cultural diversity as a tool for enhancing learning in various subjects. These guidelines also apply to working with immigrants and refugees, taking into account the specific features of each group.