FRECHERO marisa Alejandra
congresos y reuniones científicas
Strategies to improve the of structural stabilization of ionic conductor materials with NASICON-type phase
Congreso; Virtual Congress on Materials Science and Engineering; 2020
Green energy sources require to develop innovative materials. Nowadays, it is of crucial importance an efficient energy uses through renewable and clean sources for a sustainable World. This is why, finding diverse energy storage methods is the aim of much of our research interest and also, for many Governments around the world. Batteries and supercapacitors are two common ways to storage electrochemical energy. Solid State Batteries (SSBs) are now the new promise for rechargeable batteries because their advantages: high voltage, low self-discharge, long cycling life, low toxicity, high reliability, and safety. The performance of these devices depends on the materials used both for their electrodes and electrolytes. A very precise materials selection is not enough to guarantee good functionality; one of the biggest technology challenges is to find couples of materials -electrode/electrolyte-with high compatibility. In this talk, it is presented the results of doped NASICON-type ceramic electrolytes where the main ionic carrier is the Lithium cation. Our main goal has been to improve not only the electrolyte ionic conductivity but also to find the proper procedure to characterize the electrolyte behavior in order to find a good fit with several electrode composites, one of the most important issues to overcome, in order to obtain the new generation of all-solid state batteries.