FRECHERO marisa Alejandra
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Relevant features given by the incorporation of alkaline earth oxides in Vanadium-Tellurite Oxide glassy matrices.
An introduction to Vanadium. Chemistry, Occurrence and applications
Nova Publishers
Lugar: Nueva York; Año: 2019; p. 35 - 50
The present chapter is dedicated to show our results on vanadium-tellurite glassy systems modified with other oxides. This research is focused on the modification action given by the incorporation of several alkaline earth oxides in a vanadium glassy matrix in order to have a better understanding of the correlation between mixed polaronic-ionic conductivity and those glassy matrix structure features at short-range order -atomic level- and even, at intermediate-range order.Our work is particularly focused on the electrical properties of oxide glasses mainly because of large number of applications as a solid electrolyte or an electrode material. We analyse polaron conductivity in presence of large alkaline earth ion concentrations, i.e. when the ionic electrical response is not negligible because their interaction influences on their electrical behaviour . Additionally, we look forward to the improvement of some other physical properties of the glassy matrix, e.g. glass transition temperature (Tg), Vickers micro-hardness and stress reduction during the synthesis, in order to obtain associated benefits for their technological applications.