KOCHEN Sara Silvia
congresos y reuniones científicas
Pattern of ictal intracerebral EEG at the start of alteration of consciousness (AOC)
Congreso; Congreso Anual SAN 2017; 2017
Objective= AOC during seizures is one of the most striking features in patients with focal epilepsy and the subjacent mechanisms are incompletely known. Methodology= 9 patients (45 seizures) with drug resistant epilepsy were included. We analysed the patterns and localization of seizure onset and propagation, beginning and degree of AOC.Results= In mesial temporal epilepsy, the seizures with AOC were longer, the most commonly pattern of seizure-onset was sharp activity at ≤ 13Hz and the AOC occurred with the propagation of activity to contralateral hippocampus. In frontal seizures, the AOC occurred when is compromised more adjacent contacts in frontal lateral cortex. Meanwhile in insular seizures the AOC occurred when both part of insula were compromised. The hippocampi were never involved. Most common patterns at AOC were sharp activity high-amplitude at 10Hz, low-voltage fast activity and rhythmic slow waves at 4-5Hz.Conclusion= In our work, the AOC were mostly with of after the propagation of the seizure-onset activity. In mesial temporal seizures, the most of the AOC seizures were with contralateral hippocampus compromised. Meanwhile in frontal and insular seizures the AOC occurred when the area of discharged is enlarged without hippocampus compromised.Future works that apply different techniques for signal analysis are necessary to characterize functional connectivity between spatially distributed regions and pathophysiological mechanisms during AOC.