HOLIK Federico Hernan
congresos y reuniones científicas
Quantum probability and indistinguishability
Conferencia; Quantum Information Revolution: Impact to Foundations (QIRIF); 2019
Institución organizadora:
Linnaeus University
Quantum probability and indistinguishabilityIndistinguishability plays a key role in quantum mechanics. In this talk, we will examine the different forms in which it affects quantum probabilities and discuss their implications to quantum ontology. We claim that a very special kind of indistinguishability lies at the very heart of the difference between classical and quantum phenomena. In a previous paper [1], we have argued that by considering indistinguishability of properties it is possible to avoid the Kochen-Specker contradiction: it is possible to attach definite properties to particles previous to any measurement, but the particles must be assumed to be indistinguishable. We will argue that indistinguishability offers a new perspective for understanding quantum contextuality. For this aim, we will use a mathematical formalism inspired in quasi-set theory [2,3].[1] José Acacio De Barros, Federico Holik and Décio Krause. Contextuality and Indistinguishability, Entropy, (2017), 19 (9), 435.[2] Graciela Domenech and Federico Holik. A Discussion on Particle Number and Quantum Indistinguishability, Foundations of Physics, (2007), Volume 37, Issue 6, pp 855?878. [3] Graciela Domenech, Federico Holik and Décio Krause. Q-spaces and the Foundations of Quantum Mechanics, Foundations of Physics, (2008), Volume 38, Issue 11, pp 969?994.