MARIAZZI Analisa Gabriela
congresos y reuniones científicas
Update of the Offline Framework for AugerPrime
Conferencia; 37th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC2021); 2021
Work on the Offline Framework for the Pierre Auger Observatory was started in 2003 to createa universal framework for event reconstruction and simulation. The development and installationof the AugerPrime upgrade of the Pierre Auger Observatory require an update of the OfflineFramework to handle the additional detector components and the upgraded Surface DetectorElectronics.The design of the Offline Framework proved to be sufficiently flexible to accommodate the changesneeded to be able to handle the AugerPrime detector. This flexibility has been a goal since thedevelopment of the code started. The framework separates data structures from processingmodules. The detector components map directly onto data structures. It was straightforward toupdate or add processing modules to handle the additional information from the new detectors.We will discuss the general structure of the Offline Framework, explaining the design decisionsthat provided its flexibility and point out the few of the features of the original design that requireddeeper changes, which could have been avoided in hindsight. Given the disruptive nature of theAugerPrime upgrade, the developers decided that the update for AugerPrime was the moment tochange also the language standard for the implementation and move to the latest version of C++,to break strict backward compatibility eliminating deprecated interfaces, and to modernize thedevelopment infrastructure. We will discuss the changes that were made to the structure in generaland the modules that were added to the framework to handle the new detector components.