BAUMLER erica Raquel
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Sunflower wax recovered from oil tank settlings: potential application in oleogels
Congreso; VII Congreso Internacional de Ciencia y Tecnología de Alimentos (CICyTAC); 2018
Institución organizadora:
Ministerio de Ciencia y Tecnología de la provincia de Córdoba
The objective of this work was to recover sunflower waxes (SW) from oil tank settlings, characterize them and evaluate its function as structuring agent in oleogels. The raw material consisting in oil, phospholipids, waxes and solid particles was washed with hot hexane and left to decant in order to recover the supernatant and remove insoluble particles. After this process, the sunflower waxes were purified from the solvent fraction by successive washing and centrifugation with cold hexane, posterior washing with ethanol at room temperature and filtration through a bed of celite® using hexane at room temperature as solvent. SW were characterized through the analysis of the waxes? profile and composition (GC, previous column chromatography), color (Hunterlab colorimeter) and thermal behavior (DSC). The wax composition in SW was in the range of C40-C60 carbon atoms, being in greater proportion C44 (11.50 ± 1.91), C46 (27.83 ± 1.94), C48 (21.61 ± 0.50) and C50 (11.91 ± 1.16). From the thermal profiles, the melting temperature (Tm) obtained was 77.64 ± 0.93 ºC and the melting enthalpy (ΔHm) was 200.28 ± 43.01 J/g. Meanwhile, the crystallization temperature (TC) was 72.69 ± 0.36 ºC and the crystallization enthalpy (ΔHC) was 201.56 ± 41.07 J/g. The L* value was 87.74 ± 0.06, indicating their brightness, while been slightly yellow (b* = 1.76 ± 0.21) with red components (a* = 9.00 ± 0.03). To evaluate the critical gelation concentration (minimum concentration of SW necessary so that no flow is observed inside a test tube after 24 h of cooling at room temperature, C*), oleogels were formulated by adding different percentages of waxes (wt%) in the oil previously heated to 80 ºC. The oil-wax mixture was maintained at 80 ºC for 5 min, with continuous stirring, and then cooled to room temperature for 24 hours in test tubes of 20 mm of diameter. The C* obtained was 1.5%, value slightly higher than the one reported to commercial sunflower waxes (1%). In conclusion, it was verified that sunflower waxes could be recovered from waste from the oil tank settling and this by-product could be used to generate oleogeles with different purposes.