GARCIA adolfo Martin
congresos y reuniones científicas
Of meaning and body: Grounding semantics in sensorimotor brain systems
Otro; Lecture Series at Cardiff Univresity; 2018
Institución organizadora:
Cardiff University
In our daily interactions and dealings with the environment, language is consubstantiated with our inner and outer bodily dynamics. Yet, most models of language seem oblivious to the ubiquitous synergies between verbal and motor processes. In this talk, I will present a model rooted in multidimensional neurocognitive evidence showing that motor and perceptual brain networks play a decisive role in early, automatic semantic processes. In particular, our understanding of linguistic expressions evoking bodily movements depends on reactivations of the same circuits that enable us to plan and execute such movements. This neurocognitive overlap affects myriad actions in our everyday life. For example, planning manual movements while typing on a keyboard is delayed when the word to be typed is a manual action verb (e.g., scrub) compared to non-manual action verbs (e.g., jump) and cognitive verbs (e.g., think). These and several other findings to be discussed have theoretical, clinical, and educational implications. First, they afford key insights to constrain and extend systemic-functional models. Second, they can lead to breakthroughs in the quest for early and preclinical markers of neurodegenerative diseases (especially, Parkinson?s and Huntington?s disease). Finally, they can inspire innovations for language teaching in naturalistic settings. All in all, a case will be made for the importance of conceiving language beyond strictly linguistic terms and forging fruitful links between linguistics and cognitive neuroscience.