MAYER liliana judith
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The impact of the Yom Kippur War (1973) in the Jewish-Argentine Diaspora press
Journalism, Audiences and Diaspora
Palgrave Mcmillan
Lugar: Lincoln; Año: 2013;
This work analyzes the stance taken by the Jewish Argentine press before, during, and after the so called Yom Kippur War in the Middle East in October 1973. It is about a study on the reception and spreading of the war in Argentina taking the press as a core idea and the way they presented the information revealing their intentions or political interests. The diasporic press chosen for this study consists of three publications in Spanish with a remarkable flow in Jewish settings: Mundo Israelita which expressed the opinion of most of the Jewish leadership; Nueva SiĆ³n connected to Socialist Zionist Youth aligned with Hashomer Hatzair political group, and Tiempo of the Jewish-Communist members of ICUF, the Federation of Jewish Cultural Entities in Argentina. These publications were chosen since they represent sectors with diverse political opinions in the Argentine Jewish field. The chapter addresses the relationships between the Diasporas and their centers, focuses on the way the Jewish-Argentine Diaspora press narrated the Yom Kippur War. Particularly, this Diaspora is prevented from being considered from an essentialist perspective - that would suppose to naturalize the identification of local groups with the State of Israel - and the regular tension and negotiations which these dialogues involve are aimed to be shown. In contrast, this work states that the identification with the State of Israel ? its acknowledgement as a symbolically valued place ? goes through a myriad of obstacles that sometimes interfere in meeting and expressing such identification. This chapter aims at recognizing those problems as part of the complex relationships between the center (Israel) and the Jewish Diaspora.