Exploring Kyllinga vaginata Lam. : Results of Antibacterial Screening to Validate its Traditional use
International Journal of Environmental Sciences & Natural Resources
Juniper Pub
Año: 2022 vol. 29
Paraguay, a country that has more than four centuries of experience in the use of hundreds of medicinal plants, many of them from the region, where we find the species popularly known as kapi´íkati, which in Guaraní language means ?scent herb strong? and is marketed by the ?yuyeras? (people dedicated to the sale of natural products). Kapi?ikatĩ?, in fact, encompasses at least four different species of the genus Kyllinga and one species of another genus Scleria distans Poir (Cyperaceae), which are marketed as diuretic, antispasmodic and diaphoretic, among others. One of the species used is Kyllinga vaginata Lam. (Cyperaceae) which is widely distributed in the country and of which only the rhizome is used in mate or tereré; this species is listed as a substitute for K. odorata Vahl (Cyperaceae), validated as medicinal and used, among others, in the treatment of leukorrhea.In the present work, the antifungal and antibiotic activities were tested, in order to evaluate the potential against leukorrhea.