TONELLO Graciela Lucia Del Carmen
congresos y reuniones científicas
Daylight use and local time shift assessment: an exploratory study in Argentina.
Viena, Austria.
Congreso; CIE Conference: Lighting Quality and Energy Efficiency.; 2010
Institución organizadora:
Commission Internationale de L┬┤Eclairage (CIE)
Due to shortage of electrical energy generation the government of Argentina applied since December 2007 different measures aiming to reduce the country┬┤s energy consumption. The main characteristic of the governmental program is to decrease the energy consumption with short terms polices. Since April 2008 we perform a follow up of the effects of the saving energy program on the residential lighting sector and how people experience such measures. The goal of the investigation is to analyse, from a systemic approach, the real impacts on the energy consumption and the effects on people, considering that those aspects could be antagonistic. An example of this situation is the Daylight Saving Time (DST) as energy save measure. The international experience shows that the eventual energy saving by means of DST is low or almost null and its effects on human behaviour and wellbeing as well as the disorders generated on different social and economical activities frustrate the aim of the measure.