TONELLO Graciela Lucia Del Carmen
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Visual Appearance of Office Lighting
Copenhagen, Denmark
Congreso; 4th European Conference on Energy-Efficient Lighting; 1997
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Right Light
Right Light 4 Proceedings. Abstracts Back to Right Ligth Proceedings startpage Click here to download this paper (PDF file, 130 k) Visual Appearance of Office Lighting C. F. Kirschbaum, G. TonelloInstituto de Luminotecnia, Luz y Visión, Universidad Nacional de Tucumán. Av. Independencia 1800, (4000) Tucumán, Argentina. AbstractThe visual environment of a 2 simulated office in a laboratory has been evaluated by 21 observers through semantic differential and preference scales. The lighting provided by luminaires equipped with 36 fluorescent daylight lamps, were adjusted at three levels above three desks with different orientations. The horizontal and cylindrical illuminance and the task luminance were recorded for each lighting situation and they varied between: Eh=240-1300 lx, Ec=7-38 lx, Lt=32-225 cd/m2. The ANOVA test showed that 6 adjectives were more powerful in order to distinguish the three lighting levels: attractive, dark, stimulating, bright, soporific and warm. Most of the assessments concentrates around illuminance levels of 400-550 lx. Those levels correspond to hardly and moderate on the assessment scale. For those levels the electrical lighting power load of the room is around 20W/m2. On the other hand, the higher the illuminance levels, the more discriminating the adjectives. For 1200 lx, the illuminance level selected as optimum, the power load is around 35W/m2. From 500 lx a region is limited by bright and dark. The same tendency is shown for levels lower than 500 lx but with opposite sign.