TONELLO Graciela Lucia Del Carmen
congresos y reuniones científicas
Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting in Argentina
Congreso; 3rd Conference on Energy Efficient Lighting: The Future of Energy Efficient Lighting.; 2011
Institución organizadora:
CEEBEL (Centrum för Energieffektiv Belysning)
My research and education area is psychological aspects of lighting, and efficient lighting is an important issue within it. I will first briefly tell you how electricity is generated in Argentina, and the program framework in which this issue is inserted. In Argentina, about half of the electricity for the net comes from thermal plants, most of them of combined cycles powered by natural gas. Overall, the high percentage of combined cycles and the use of natural gas as fuel, characterize the Argentine electricity system as a relatively clean one in terms of Greenhouse Gases emissions into the atmosphere. Of the total energy consumption, the residential sector accounts for 29%, the industrial sector 41%, and the commercial sector 19%. The official sector, including public buildings and street lighting, accounts for 3% and this will contribute to the overall energy savings just as a model for the other sectors. The National Program for Rational and Efficient Use of Energy (PRONUREE) was created by the Government in December 2007, with the aim of "tending towards an efficient use of energy" which implies "the adequacy of the production, transportation, distribution, storage and consumption systems of energy, towards a more sustainable development with the technological means at hand, minimizing the impact on the environment, optimizing energy conservation and reducing the costs". This national program with antecedents in the 80´s, has a very broad base, ambitious aims and also an ambitious scope in terms of sectors in which energy efficiency actions must be developed.