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Time as a measurement unit in tennis
Conferencia; International Conference on Mathematics in Sport; 2013
When working together with high-performance tennis players, each improvement or change we intend to put into practice is related to time lapses; every goal we propose must allow our player to have more time available and shorten the time lapses for the opponent. "If it can be measured, it can be improved": under this premise, and using statistics tools, we have developed different techniques for a better use of these times in a tennis court. Some of them are based on surveys of different intervals of point durations, and effectiveness of serve and return of serve; of different intervals of rallies and effectiveness; of displacement speeds, accelerations, positions, and paths, etc. In that way, we can determine, for instance, that a player is not effective when the point duration lays within the interval between 3 and 4 seconds. The survey of rally durations allows us to determine the interval of interest. The Tennis Metrics software allows us to analyze the player´s displacements, speeds, paths and positions for those points. Thus, for the player assessed, we could conclude that the less effective time interval was related to his second shot, either after the serve or the return of serve, and that this was due to a failure in finding a convenient waiting position quickly after hitting a fast shot himself. Therefore, although the player was shortening the opponent´s response time, he was also shortening his own time to relocate, thus missing his goal.