JELIN elizabeth
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Unequal differences. gender, ethnicity/race and citizenship in class societies (historical realities, analytical approaches
global entangled inequaities. Conceptual debates and evidence from Latin America
Lugar: londres; Año: 2017; p. 109 - 127
This chapter focuses on the relationship between inequality and difference, insofar as the multidimensional character of inequalities calls for a systematic analysis of the link between hierarchical inequalities of class relations on the one hand, and those based on socially defined categorical differences on the other. Earlier social science research in Latin America had framed this link as part of the discussion of capitalist development and evolving class relations. Such authors discussed gender (LarguĂ­a, Saffiotti), ethnicity (Stavenhagen) or racial (Fernandes) cleavages but within the framework of class relations. Global entanglements were framed in centre-periphery and dependency approaches. Scholars relying on a centre-periphery framework and dependency approaches have brought global entanglements to the analysis of social inequalities. These seminal ideas serve as a counterpoint to the more contemporary discussions on inequalities and differences. The recognition of the hierarchical nature of gender, ethnicity and race relations has led to a ?cultural turn?, whereby gender, ethnicity and race have been conceived on an equal (or even more salient) footing with economic stratification and class relations. The analytical approach guiding this chapter brings back the centrality of class relations in the multidimensional patterns of social inequalities..