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BRICS Members and the Reshaping of Liberal International Order. Conceptual Frames and Bid for Power in Global Health and World Energy Governance
Workshop; WISC Virtual Workshops 2021, Workshop 2: Regional Integration and Global Ordering under Stress; 2021
Institución organizadora:
World International Studies Committee (WISC)
The relative power decline of the United States as a superpower and a growing participation of emerging powers in international decision-making schemes, have questioned the current liberal international order. At the beginning of the 21st century, these bids for power have been more often than before in many international organizations and multilateral forums. Emerging powers ?chiefly known as BRICS? have demanded to change some rules and put on the table specific issues. During the past twenty years, they have applied diverse negotiation strategies, which go from blocking, eroding or dragging out the debate to more extreme dynamics such as reluctance or a straightaway rejection of the adoption of international norms in certain multilateral forums.This reactive behaviour was followed by proactive negotiation strategies, as the emerging powers sought to add new issues to promote their own international agenda, regarding their needs and interests in trade, finance, security and climate change. Nevertheless, during the second decade of the current century, BRICS members have been affected by different domestic crises, which undermined BRICS forum.This paper aims to analyse the achievements and limitations faced by each one of those emerging countries ? particularly regarding Global Health and world energy governance? to reshape the liberal international order and the possible consequences for it. This paper follows an interpretive-historical methodology and its purpose is to contribute to the debate on systemic changes and the pressing need to retrieve instances of cooperation to face crucial concerns that demand global solutions.