OLLER  Sergio Horacio Cristobal
Nonlinear dynamics of structures
Springer International Publishing
Año: 2014 p. 204
This book has been written to present the conceptual basis of ?Nonlinear Dynamics? of structural systems. Although there are many papers on this subject, I have decided to write this book for educational purposes addressed to students with an academic level equivalent to a master?s degree. The book is divided into three main parts: the first one sets up the basis on which the nonlinear dynamics applied to discrete structures is based on; the second one shows the effect of time-independent constitutive model behavior within the nonlinear dynamic response; and finally, the third part analyzes the effect of time-dependent constitutive models in a nonlinear dynamic behavior. This work has been possible thanks to the institutional support of CIMNE (International Center for Numerical Methods in Engineering), which has financially supported this book since its first edition in Spanish in 2002, and later in its English edition. Many people have participated in the latter, and I would particularly like to thank Ms. Hamdy Briceño, Prof. Miguel Cerrolaza and Cristina Pérez Arias for their careful translation and revision of this text. I would also like to thank all my students who have contributed to the correction of the text during the eleven years that this book has been used as a syllabus of the ?Nonlinear Dynamics? course in the Department of Strength of Materials, at the Technical University of Catalonia, Spain. I hope these notes will contribute to a better understanding of the nonlinear dynamics and encourage the reader to study this subject in greater depth.