ABDALA Nestor Fernando
congresos y reuniones científicas
Permo-Triassic cynodonts from Gondwana
Conferencia; X Congreso Argentina de Paleontologia y Bioestratigrafia and VII Congreso Latinoamericano de Paleontologia; 2010
Recent contributions to the knowledge of Gondwanan cynodonts highlight the presence in Africa of taxa previously recognized in South America and vice-versa. This is the case for the Middle Triassic Namibian fauna from the upper Omingonde Formation where the first record of the typical South American taxon Chiniquodon has been reported. In addition, the classical South African taxon Diademodon was found in the Middle Triassic Puesto Viejo fauna from Argentina. This record represents an addition to the presence of Cynognathus in both continents, the first evidence provided by cynodonts of faunal association between South America and Africa in the Triassic. Another important recent addition is the faunal similarity between cynodonts from the Middle/Upper Triassic of Madagascar and that of Santa Cruz do Sul in southern Brazil, by the record in both faunas of the traversodontid Menadon. All this new evidence and additional unpublished will be discussed to address faunal communality and changes in diversity and abundance in Permo-Triassic cynodonts from Gondwana. I will also discuss the tempo of main changes in the record of cynodont lineages, particularly the transition from the Lower to the Middle Triassic.