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Intermediate planning instruments. The case of Río Gallegos' Sub-region
Congreso; 14th N-AERUS Conference. ?Urban futures. Multiple visions, paths and constructions?; 2013
Institución organizadora:
Universiteit Twente
A significant population growth and the increase of urbanization´s dynamics are the common problems of Argentinian conurbations. However, the case of Río Gallegos, an intermediate city in the south of the country, is unique. The city sprawls over two different jurisdictions, the municipal land, almost fully occupied, and the "outer land" that belongs to the provincial jurisdiction. This situation produces a legal crisis due to the lack of planning as well as a clear disarticulation of public actions between the two jurisdictions. In this context, the provincial administration implements the Development Plan for the Micro-region of Río Gallegos (DPM of Río Gallegos). Similar to the concept of urban area, micro-regions are plurimunicipal associations conceived for guiding long-term sustainable development processes. Starting from institutional problems, the approach of the plan however focuses on physical analysis and proposals as guidance for actions and policies, particularly by combining three instruments: territorial models, strategic projects and alternative scenarios. This development plan is proposed as an exercise to define a realistic operational planning scope, reducing expectations that could lead to failure. Based on the study the case of DPM of Río Gallegos, the aim of this paper is to identify and conceptualize the instrumental innovations of development planning for urban areas.