BERROS Maria Valeria
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Stop experimenting on us! Judicial stories of pesticide resistance in Argentina
Conferencia; Silent springs. Global stories of pesticides and our toxic world(s); 2022
Institución organizadora:
Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society
Environmental, ecological and climate justice is a highly topical issue in Latin America. From different disciplines such as sociology and political ecology, an important number of studies are being carried out on socio-environmental conflicts and extractivism. Jurists have also begun to pay attention to this topic: environmental judicial processes are challenging a large part of legal institutions and concepts: how to rethink the theory of justice? how to incorporate the intergenerational variable? how to resolve conflicts from more ecocentric positions? are just some of the questions that have gained strength in recent years. The pesticide stories in Argentina are stories of injustice. At the same time, the courts are the only place where, for the moment, the victims - those who have access to justice - are obtaining some decisions in their favour. In this text two of these stories are present, but first some context: the great transformation of the Argentine territory by the hand of soy.