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Design of eco-friendly packaging based in gelatin and yerba mate industrial waste molded by thermo-compression
Congreso; WCCE11. 11th World Congress of Chemical Engineering.; 2023
The use of industrial by-products such as yerba mate powder (YMP) as raw material for the developmentof composite films, is emerging as a strategy to reduce the growing environmental problem and toincrease the added value of this type of resource.The present work was focused on the development of composite films based on gelatin and YMP bythermo-compression with by-product concentration, and to study their physico-chemical, barrier,mechanical, and structural properties.The inclusion of YMP increased the opacity and the UV-visible barrier properties of the materials, andthe transparency decreased, being 0,69 and 1,82 nm mm-1 for control gelatin films and the compositewith 10% w/w of YMP, respectively. Matrix swelling decreased with the YMP concentration, showing adiminution of 30% in films with 10% YMP compared to the gelatin matrix, while solubility increased withYMP inclusion. The contact angle showed average values of 75º, regardless of the YMP concentrationstudied. Water vapor permeability (WVP) of the films increased with YMP content up to 5% w/w, buthigher concentrations induced a drop of WVP. Mechanical profiles showed a decrease in the tensilestrength with YMP incorporation with the increase in the elongation of the matrix from 115 to 158% for0 and 10% w/w of YMP, respectively. ATR-FTIR analysis confirmed the presence of YMP in gelatinbased materials due to the peak at 1735 cm-1 ascribed to functional groups of hemicellulose.The inclusion of this industrial by-product improved the techno-functional properties of the gelatin-basedmaterials and enabled the obtention of functionalized composite films.