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Education financing in decentralized systems: enquires into the allocative efficiency of educational investment and the effects on other dimensions of associate education policies
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The research intends to take stock of different modalities of decentralized education financing systems and assess the available evidence of the effects of education financing decentralization on the efficiency of the education system. This exploratory study offers some specific conclusions for the countries included in the sample and pinpoint institutional arrangements that seem to lead both to positive and negative results in terms of economic efficiency and educational effectiveness and equity. The research draws preliminary conclusions about the effects of education financing decentralization on the efficiency of the education system, and institutional arrangements that could act as barriers or enablers of economic efficiency. Actionable recommendations also encompass theoretical and methodological guidelines and tools. In this sense, the research provides a typology of education decentralized financing systems, which would account for the degrees of decision-making power for resource allocation among government levels, responsibilities for funding (including by private actors, such as households), types of expenditures made by each of the actors, and the existence and scope of redistributive mechanisms. It also develops an analytical framework for quantitative assessment of the efficiency of decentralized education financing systems. Finally, the study enables the initial development of a database and coding manuals that are expected to orient future research.