HOLLMAN Veronica Carolina
congresos y reuniones científicas
From above: aerial vision and geographical imaginations
Otro; Lecture; 2017
Institución organizadora:
Masaryk University
[Lecture] Despite the ubiquity of aerial images we still experience an incredible fascination with aerial vision. A quick search in Google images or Youtube gives us a chance to prove this: a visual universe as extensive as fascinating is opened to us. The aerial vision is now available to more people, not necessarily experts in a variety of material forms such as books, documentaries, postcards, touristic guides or even our computers and smart phones due to the available techniques of image reproduction. This aerial image, for example, is one the winning images of the International Contest organized by Dronestagram with the sponsorship of National Geography. All of us can look at it on the website and it has even circulated through newspapers, magazines. Familiarity with aerial images seems to have stimulated the demand for other aerial imagery. In this lecture I will focus on the relationship between aerial vision and geographical imaginations