LARROSA Juan Manuel Ceferino
Coauthorship Networks of Argentine Economists
Journal of Economics, Finance and Administrative Science
Emerald Publishing Limited
Lugar: Londres; Año: 2019
Structured abstract Purpose? The paper aims to provide information about the structure of collaborative work among Argentinian economics. The study provides specific applied research of social network analysis focus on this profession in this specific country. Design/methodology/approach? The contribution opted for applying social network analysis tools to papers presented in a congress and published in its proceedings. We focus in detecting main actors, groups of coauthorship, professionals acting as bridges between groups, and differences between genders. Findings? The paper provides empirical insights about how coauthorship has evolved between Argentine economists. I find that structural properties of the network, main actors, both male and female, main universities or center that affiliates them, a gender gap that might be closing out. Research limitations/implications? The paper focus on the network for the period 1964-2014 without a more detailed dynamics. It also does not explain main topics worked by the authors. Practical implications? The work provides knowledge about how groups are created in Economics in Argentina, how cooperation has evolved and what has been the role of women in this development. It also shows how different department and entities collaborates with diverse success in the creation of new knowledge in Economics in Argentina. Originality/value? The paper works with data from a source of information non-previously studied and contributes in explaining a particular type of collaborative work in a profession in Argentina.