PECHENY Mario Martin
congresos y reuniones científicas
Gender, Justice and Neoliberal Transformations: Argentina
Nueva York
Seminario; Gender, Justice and Neoliberal Transformations; 2012
Institución organizadora:
Columbia University - Barnard Center for Research on Women
It is a short paper (according to the guidelines of the seminar). My reflections are based on the experiences of Argentina. In some aspects, but not all, these reflections might refer to Latin America as a region.I discuss the following questions: What do we mean by "neoliberalism" and is the term still useful to think with? How is it lived? How can we best articulate connections across sites and locations? What is the specificity of gender and sexuality to these linkages? How can we specify and respond to relationships between distinct institutional domains--for example, housing and healthcare, education, the politics of sexuality and migration? What are the implications of this moment of economic, political, and cultural restructuring for activist projects? What is the way forward for feminist politics and critique?