KREIMER Pablo Rafael
congresos y reuniones científicas
International Scientific Collaborations in the End of the World: Local Resources and Global Research in Tierra del Fuego
San Diego (CA)
Congreso; 4S Annual Meeting; 2012
Institución organizadora:
The CADIC (Centro Austral de Investigaciones Cientificas1), is ageographically remote center of scientific research of Argentina, located inUshuaia, on the Beagle Channel, in the archipelago of Tierra del Fuego, off thesouthernmost tip of the South American mainland. The research activity of thecenter includes marine biology, geology, terrestrial ecology and archeology.Ushuaia is only one thousand kilometers away from the Antarctics, while itsdistance to the most dynamic spaces of knowledge production in Argentina, morethan triples that figure.Contrary to what could be expected of such a remote research center, theCADIC has been intensely involved in international scientific collaborations. Thisrather surprising finding raised several interesting questions: Why ageographically distant center has attracted the interest of foreign investigators, tothe point of exhibiting one of the highest frequencies of internationalcollaborations, per researcher, as compared with other scientific institutions in thesame country? What kind of resources does the region offer in the research fieldscovered by the center, able to explain this phenomenon? Which patterns ofexchange and which tensions emerge? How the transformations in theinternational scenario could be affecting the current nature of those exchanges inthe involved fields?