CRUZ Pablo Jose
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Metal Production, Power and Religiosity in the Southern Andean Highlands (Bolivia XV to XVI centuries)
Congreso; TECHNOLOGY, Ideology, Economics & Power in the Andes; 2015
Institución organizadora:
University College of London Institute of Archaeology
While pre-Hispanic mining in the Andes can generally be understood tohave been limited to the exploitation of superficial veins,pre-Hispanic metallurgy achieved a high degree of technologicaldevelopment permitting both the fabrication of alloys and ofsophisticated objects charged with symbolic meaning. The most fertilemines and the specialists in metal work were concentrated in thehighlands that formed part of Qollasuyu. Based on data obtained fromdifferent mining and metallurgical sites located in the Bolivianhighlands (Potosí, Porco, San Antonio de Lípez, Chocaya, Berenguela,etc.), and the articulation of these with information found inhistorical sources, in this work we outline aspects of the productionof metals in the Southern Andes during the Inca Period, and during theperiod of contact (XV and XVI centuries). Among these, we focus ontechnological aspects of Andean metallurgy and the strong connectionsseen between the production of metals, cults of worship associatedwith mineral-filled mountains, and the formation of territorialjurisdictions linked to the pre-Hispanic divinity of lightning.