CRUZ Pablo Jose
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Disparate ancestors, mummies and tourists. Convergent pasts and the dynamics of heritage in the Southern Andean Altiplano (Uyuni, Bolivia)
Living Ruins: Ancient places for present-day Amazonian, Andean and Mesoamerican Peoples
University of Colorado Press
Lugar: Boulder; Año: 2018;
This article addresses the intense dynamics of cultural and social change seen in indigenous campesinos communities around the Uyuni Salt Flat in Bolivia in recent years related to the valorisation of archaeological remains, and in particular, of caves with mummies and pre-Hispanic settlements. Beyond those impacts generated by the development of tourism in the region, like the introduction of a group of new principles and values linked to the concepts of patrimony, cultural heritage, and commodification of culture, here we analyse the ways these communities reformulate and update their relationships to archaeological remains, and by doing this, articulate different readings and conceptualizations of the past. NOTA: el ISBN que figura aquí no es el que efectivamente tendrá el libro. Al hallarse el volumen en prensa, no pude obtener su ISBN verdadero. Sigeva no deja subir material en prensa sin algún ISBN.