PERILLO Gerardo Miguel E.
Sediment transport processes in estuaries
American Geophysical Union
Lugar: Washington; Año: 1989 p. 153
NOTA: POR SER UN NUMERO ESPECIAL DE REVISTA INTERNACIONAL NO SE INDICA ISBN. EL ISSN Journal of Geophysical Research Oceans ISSN 0148-0227 Research on estuarine sediment transport processes has received increasing attention in recent years, attention reo lated to concerns about water clarity, pollutant distribution and transport, dredge spoil disposal, creation and mainte· nance of channels and basins for navigational purposes, and shoreline erosion. Still, the geophysical community that addresses these concerns and the underlying fundamentals of sediment transport in an estuary is widely but relatively sparsely distributed around the world. The need to draw these researchers together to discuss ideas and outlooks I~d to the AGU Chapman Conference on Sediment Transport Processes in Estuaries that was held at the Universidad Nacional del Sur in Bahia Blanca, Argentina, from June 13 to June 17, 1988 [Perillo and Lavelle, 1988). The meeting sought to provide a timely impetus to further progress in sediment transport research in estuaries, promote commu· nication among researchers using different investigatory approaches, and develop. collaborations among estuarine scientists in developed and developing nations. When completed, the conference had in fact provided the opportunity for scientists from Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Uruguay, Venezuela, the United States, Canada, Britain, France, the Federal Republic of Germany, the Netherlands, and South Mrica to come together. A selection of papers presented at that conference form the special collection published here.