PERILLO Gerardo Miguel E.
congresos y reuniones científicas
Irrigation water quality in the Quequén Salado River basin, Argentina.
Congreso; Global Change Open Science Conference, Challenges of a Changing Earth,; 2001
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TheQuequ sn Salado riv er basin is located in the So u thwes t of the Buen os Ai resPro vince , Argentina. The basin is in a plain area , wherethe onl y impo rtantgeomorp hologi c accident is the Pillahuincs range. Since the last century thi s area hasplayed ., signi ficant ro le in thceconom y (.f the country beca use of the ~reatim po rtance of the ag ricul tural and farm ing activities due to the good quality of i tssoils Although the an n ua l precipitation in this area rea ches t)UUmnl, its distribut iond u r ing the year d oe s not usually coincid e with the peri ods req uire d by th e crops .Th erefore, they are exposed to hydrol og ica l deficiencies . A comp leme n ta ry ir rig atio nca n play an imrortanl role during th e recurren t pe riods 0 1 droughts. For thi s reason,th e o bjective 0 th e p reseol work is 10 determina te th e wat er q ua lity o f th esuperf icial co u rses of the Quequsn Sa lado riv e r basin, wi th the purpose ofl'\' ,l ~u " ti nb its pos::;il>lc em ploym ent ill com p lemen ta ryi r rtga tion. S.lli nity andsod icity (SAR) were analyzed from wa ter samples taken in di fferent sectors of therivers. The sampl es were takenduring th e spring and s umme r of 1998 and 1999. Th es tud y was also cumplime n led wilh the a na ly s is of water samples of the main1.1guuns oflhe ba s in . Based on the res ult s of eleclric co nducti vity and SAR, di ffer entseclo rs of the basin w ith similar water q ua lily have beenid enl ified. The creek scomi n}; (rom the Pill ahu ind# range have vc ry good irr igitlion qu alit y, and can bet1sc..'u for till' nl. ljority o ( <: rops without a ny limit'll ion s. The d cctric conductivi tyvaries bctw4.:cn U.22 "ilL! 0.6 1 dS 1m, ""Ild lht:' m,l ximu m valucs of SAR don' texccl.'d4.2. Th e courses of the mid dl e basin hav e less water q ua lity for irrigation, but a llowthe irrigation of the main crops of the area "s wheat. corn , sun flower,soybean andsorghum. The Quequ#n Salado river wat er only presents val ues o f salinily tol er at edby the harley and some pastures. Ne verthel ess, their use is not recommendedb ~GHlsl' of its high sod ici ty (more thOln 25.7) . High values of el ....ctr ic cond llc tivi tyh.\\'eocl:'n dl·tl'C(l.'d in this COll rsc, wit h maximums of 7.52 .111J 7.HHJS/ m.