ZARITZKY Noemi Elisabet
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Dissertation Dr Noemi Zaritzky: Effect of chemical preservatives on the physicochemical characteristics and quality parameters of a beef product subjected to high hydrostatic pressure
Workshop; Workshop organizado por China - Argentina Binational Center Food Science and Technology Center. Academia de Ciencias de China - Beijing, China; 2016
Institución organizadora:
Argentina ? China Food Science and Technology Centre.
The use of high hydrostatic pressure (HHP) on fresh beef causes a deleterious effect on red colour. A beef product subjected to HHP exhibiting acceptable colour and microbiological stability was developed; the process requires as a first step the immersion in a preservative solution containing ascorbic acid, sodium nitrite, and sodium chloride. Desirability functions were used to optimise the composition of this solution in order to maintain the colour attributes minimising the concentration of sodiumnitrite. The productwas packed in lowgas permeability film before HHP treatment. The effect of the applied pressure (300, 600 MPa) on quality parameters (colour, texture) was analysed. The stability of the product during storage at 4 °C was determined by microbial counts,colour, texture, and exudate. The combination of treatments provided acceptable colour and microbiological stability during four and six weeks of refrigerated storage after the product has been subjected to 300 and 600 MPa, respectively