PICCOLO Maria Cintia
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Socio Economic issues in the Bahia Blanca estuary
Perspectives on integrated coastal zone management in South America
Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal)
Lugar: Lisboa; Año: 2008; p. 289 - 302
The main socio-economic problems identified at the Bah´ıa Blanca estuary, after numerousmeetings and surveys with stakeholders are presented in the chapter. Related to the estuary activities they are: (1) the unequal growth of the population at the three districts which surrounds de estuary; (2) the continuous loss of the fishing resources which create serious problems for the local fishing community; and, (3) the quality of the Bah´ıa Blanca estuary waters for recreational purposes. Due to the different themes these subjects are separately developed along the chapter.  In regards to population, the Bah´ıa Blanca district presents a moderate intercensus growth but with a marked decrease, following the national and provincial trends. On the other hand, the Coronel Rosales district shows a notorious decrease until 1991; and Villarino, unlike the others, presents a scarce growth during the first periods and a slight recovery in the last ones.The continuous decrease of fish captures arise as one of the main problems for the coastalcommunity. After an analysis of the evolution of the fishing laws of the Buenos Aires provinceand the decrease in the fishing of the main species at the Bah´ıa Blanca estuary, we mayinfer that the main cause for the scarcity of the resource was bad management. Outside theestuary an indiscriminate capture of all species was found. This is the main reason for themarked fishery decrease inside the estuary in the last two decades. The Maldonado resort isunique in the Bah´ıa Blanca city. Its pool es filled with waters from the Bah´ıa Blanca estuary. Ingeneral, the bacteriological data indicated that the water is apt for public use, except on somedays when the attendance was high. Therefore, a more frequent change of the pool water isrecommended.In summary, many socio economic issues were analyzed in the estuary area. Only the mostsignificant socio-economic problems of the communities surrounding the Bah´ıa Blanca estuarywere described in this chapter. There still are many issues to be studied to help thosecommunities. The area is developing very fast, for this reason research should continue. Oneof problems to analize is what will happen to the Maldonado resort when the new dischargeof liquid sewage from a neighborhood under construction near the area will start to work.