Institutional evaluation

The evaluation of the scientific and technological activity is a permanent obligation of the State, as it is established by articles 23 and 24 in the Law 25.467 of Science, Technology and Innovation.

With the support of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Science and Technology, which funds the “Institutional Evaluation Program” (PEI in Spanish), experts designed the approach to conduct effectively the institutional evaluation of the Scientific and Technological Centers (CCT in Spanish) and the Multidisciplinary Centers of CONICET.

The objectives of the program are:

  • To accompany the self-assessment process by providing technical assistance and financial support.
  • To conduct the external evaluation process and the selection and recruitment of the experts that will be part of the external assessors committee
  • To provide technical assistance to make the plans to improve and monitor their implementation.

Advances in the implementation of the Institutional Evaluation Plan according to the Scientific and Technological Centers (CCT) and the Multidisciplinary Centers of CONICET – May 2018



CCT and Multidisciplinary Centers Stages
 Self-assesmentExternal EvaluationImprovement Plan
CCT BAHÍA BLANCAConcludedConcludedImplemented
CCT CENPATConcludedConcludedImplemented
CCT LA PLATAConcludedConcludedImplemented
CCT CORDOBAConcludedConcludedIn formulation
CCT SAN LUISConcludedConcludedImplemented
CCT SANTA FEConcludedConcludedFormulated
CCT ROSARIOConcludedConcludedFormulated
CCT TUCUMÁNConcludedConcludedImplemented
CCT PATAGONIA NORTEConcludedConcludedIn formulation
CCT MENDOZAConcludedConcludedIn formulation
CCT NORDESTEConcludedConcludedIn formulation
CCT MAR DEL PLATAConcludedConcludedImplemented
CCT SALTAConcludedWithout scheduleNot started
CICYTTP (DIAMANTE, ENTRE RÍOS)ConcludedConcludedNot started
CRILAR  (LA RIOJA)ConcludedConcludedNot started