List News
A radio telescope will be installed in the province of San Juan
CONICET signed an agreement with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, authorities from the province and the local University. The project will be funded by the Ministry of Science of Argentina.
Researchers at the CONICET delivered talks on scientific promotion in Villa Soldati
More than 300 students participated in the activities of País Ciencia. There were also experimental workshops and a meeting with teachers.
Dr. Salvarezza presented the “CONICET Technologies” seminar
Together with the Science Minister Lino Barañao, Dr. Salvarezza opened the conference devoted to transference exchange experiences from different parts of the world.
The CONICET and the NSFC of China formed a Memorandum of Understanding
This agreement will promote the development of joint actions on basic sciences.
The CONICET and Aerolíneas Argentinas signed a cooperation agreement
The aim of this agreement is to provide the fleet with audiovisual material produced by CONICET Documentary.
Award-winning CONICET researchers
The names of the prizewinners for the Houssay Awards, Houssay Award for Career and Jorge Sábato award, provided by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, were revealed.
The CONICET signed an agreement to make further advances in plant biotechnology
The addendum was signed at the Centro Biotecnológico Agroforestal Chaco, during a conference dedicated to that theme.
Argentine President inaugurated new facilities at the PROIMI
The CONICET invested ARS $3,500,000 in a new biotechnology plant.
Argentine President inaugurated new headquarters for the Institute of Research on Catalysis and Petrochemistry
The new building of the INCAPE, which covers an area of 1,790 square meters was opened. It required an investment of ARS$21,532,010, which was co-financed between the CONICET and the MINCyT.
The CONICET strengthens bonds with society
CONICET’s bonds with society advance: the technology transference activities performed in 2014 reflect an increase of 45% over the previous year.