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Award-winning CONICET researchers
The names of the prizewinners for the Houssay Awards, Houssay Award for Career and Jorge Sábato award, provided by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Productive Innovation, were revealed.
The CONICET signed an agreement to make further advances in plant biotechnology
The addendum was signed at the Centro Biotecnológico Agroforestal Chaco, during a conference dedicated to that theme.
Argentine President inaugurated new facilities at the PROIMI
The CONICET invested ARS $3,500,000 in a new biotechnology plant.
Argentine President inaugurated new headquarters for the Institute of Research on Catalysis and Petrochemistry
The new building of the INCAPE, which covers an area of 1,790 square meters was opened. It required an investment of ARS$21,532,010, which was co-financed between the CONICET and the MINCyT.
The CONICET strengthens bonds with society
CONICET’s bonds with society advance: the technology transference activities performed in 2014 reflect an increase of 45% over the previous year.
Marcelo Isasi: the exhilarating experience of reconstructing dinosaur’s skeletons
He has been part of Fernando Novas’ team at the “Bernardino Rivadavia” Natural Sciences Museum of Argentina for 15 years. Since 2006, he has been a technician in palaeontology (CPA). He used to be a principal technician but then rose through the ranks and now is a professional technician.
Women at the CONICET: an increasing trend
The proportion and number of female scientists at the Council progressively increased over the last years. Currently, they represent 52% of the total number of researchers and 60% of the fellows.
“We want to encourage high school students to be scientists”
Luis Cappozzo is a CONICET marine biologist and member of País Ciencia. In his role as a science communicator, he became an actor to share his knowledge on television.
57 years of the CONICET
This is the main institution devoted to the promotion of science and technology in Argentina.
CONICET and SEDRONAR will fund research projects on drugs
This call includes different studies ranging from seized cocaine samples and 'pasta base' (a cocaine derivative) essays to studies on the impact of consumption of these substances on health.