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Can computers talk?
CONICET researcher explains how speech processing systems can help to improve human communication
I am talking to you
Researcher at the Council studies a speech recognition system that will optimize the relationship of humans with technology
Argentine President inaugurated the fifth edition of Tecnópolis
At the exhibition of science, art and technology, the CONICET has recreational and educational facilities for all the family.
Industrial design in the light of science
Professional at the CONICET conducts photometric trials to assess the quality of different light sources.
Rethinking ethical guidelines in Latin America
What are the rights and obligations of each of the parties to the investigations with human beings? What is the importance of discussing this issue in the context of a Latin America that is changing?
Researchers design an efficient stove for accessible heating
Specialists at the CONICET and the INTI promote the development and the self-construction of a low-cost and high performance stove.
Argentine President inaugurates the new building of the CERELA through videoconferencing
This institute, which has a collection of unique cultures in Latin America, is dedicated to the study of lactic bacteria.
Looking after language
Researcher at the CONICET conducts activities that defend the reinforcement of the identity of native peoples by means of teaching and strengthening their language.
The Argentine state gave Gustavo Politis the “National Researcher” Award
The researcher at the CONICET was awarded for his contributions to the production of new knowledge, training of human resources and technology transfer.
A radio telescope will be installed in the province of San Juan
CONICET signed an agreement with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, authorities from the province and the local University. The project will be funded by the Ministry of Science of Argentina.